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Blacka Acoustics - RF 15 Speakers

The RF15 bass cabinet is ideally suited for large bars and small nightclubs. The compact ported reflex enclosure incorporates a 700w RMS 15'' bass driver specifically designed to extend the low frequency and provide a warm punchy bass in a bar nightclub environment. Four circular ports ensures optimum cabinet tuning. The RF15 is ideal for permanent installations in venues which require extended bass frequency for DJ, live and background music reproduction.



Model RF15
Type Vented Reflex Bass Cabinet
Frequency Response From 45Hz - 120Hz
Rated Power 700w RMS - 1400w Peak
Sensitivity 96db
Maximum SPL 130db
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Bass 15'' Driver
Enclosure Multi Laminated Birch Ply
Finish Textured Black Paint
Grille Black Perforated Steel
Connector 2 x Neutrik NL4
Fittings 1 x Top Hat Fitting 2 x Recessed Bar Handles 4 Castors
Dimensions W: 53cm. H: 58.5cm. D: 60cm.


The Blacka Acoustic RF15 is designed to be used with professional power amplifiers capable of producing 700w - 1400w power output into 4 ohms.

Care should be taken to avoid amplifier clipping, it is important to understand that a low power amplifier driven into clipping is more likely to damage a loud speaker than a higher power amplifier used within its ratings. Primarily because music signals have a high peak to average crest factor. When an amplifier is severely overdriven its output waveform is clipped resulting in squared off peaks and thus reducing the crest factor. In extreme cases, the waveform can approach that of a square wave. An amplifier is normally capable of producing far more power under these conditions than its undistorted rated power output. The use of very high power amplifiers with outputs greater than those recommended is discouraged.

Care should be taken to avoid switch on surges, which can result in momentary power peaks in excess of specified ratings. When powering up a sound system it is important to switch on the amplifiers after the mixer and control electronics have stabilised. When powering down the system, reverse the sequence and switch off the amplifiers first.


Each connector panel has two Neutrik Speakon connectors wired in parallel. The second connector allows use of a short link lead to power a secondary parallel loudspeaker. The connectors are wired as follows:

2 Core cable

Pin 1 Positive
Pin 1 Negative

When connecting Blacka Acoustics sound reinforcement to an amplifier it is recommended that the return resistance of the cable used is less than one tenth of the normal impedance of the system or systems in parallel the chart below gives an indication of the maximum possible cable runs for conductor cross sectional areas.


Conductor CSA
Maximum Cable Lengths
1.0 mm
11 m
22 m
44 m
1.5 mm
17 m
34 m
68 m
2.0 mm
22 m
44 m
88 m
2.5 mm
29 m
58 m
116 m
4.0 mm
44 m
88 m
176 m
6.0 mm
66 m
132 m
264 m


The RF15 units can be used with a wide array of Blacka Acoustics speakers. Typical configurations are listed below

Large Bars/Small Nightclubs: TFR 25T - TFR 801 - TFR 1001 - TFR 1201 - TFR 1202 - TFR 1502S - TFR 1502L


It is important that loudspeaker systems are used in a safe manner. Please take some time to review the following points concerning use of Blacka Acoustics Loudspeakers.

Professional loudspeakers are capable of producing extremely high sound levels and should be used with care. Hearing loss is cumulative and can result from levels above 90 DB if people are exposed for a long period , never stand close to loudspeakers driven at high level.


  1. Ensure that the floor or stage is level and solid.
  2. Be aware that these speakers produce very high levels of output, So be aware that they can move or creep.